Calendar Hacks

Read below to learn about the many ways to stream-line how you use calendars. To understand how all this works, it is important to understand that calendar systems consist of two parts: an event server and a calender renderer. If you have a smart phone, you already have at least one calendar renderer. Microsoft Outlook is a calendar renderer. This web-site is a renderer.

Add Calendar to Smart Phone

Because of the variability of mobile devices and calendar apps, you might need to use Google to figure exactly how to add a calendar to your device (and how to cut and paste on your device). Once you figure that out, the links below will provide the information you will need to complete the process.

Google Calendar

There are two ways to add a Google calendar to your phone. If you do not have permissions to add or update events, use the method below. If you have the permissions, use Google search to figure out how to put your Google account on you device.

You can add a Google calendar to a device as an iCal. Here are the URLS that you will need:

Citizen Science
Community Club
The Village

School Calendar

  1. Go to school calendar page (the link is below).
  2. Select the categories you want. Hold down the ctrl key to select multiple categories.
  3. Click "View Events"
  4. Click the iCal icon at the top of the calendar section.
  5. Copy the iCal feed link.
  6. Paste the link into your calendar app.

To go to the school calendar

Bookmark or Icon on Device

Once you have selected your calendar sources and are on the page on this website that shows the calendar, you can make bookmark or desktop icon for that page. This will allow you to reload that page at a later time, and skip the page for selecting sources.

This process is browser dependant. Use Google search to find out how to do it on your browser.